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Paintings from the 2018 Trip


Quoddy Photo Lt


     Maine is always special -whether inland or coastal. The weather this trip was perfect - never more than 85 degrees during the day with negligible humidity. Night required a blanket towards morning.  The eight year hiatus since the last visit had produced changes. Two life time friends had died, their house sold, their children living afar. But Katahdin, which I first climbed over forty years ago after a long walk from Georgia, remained the same.  As did Kineo, prized by Indians for its Rhyolite flint. My father had shown me an arrowhead made of it when I was a boy. And how many times had I sailed up from the Virginia Capes to escape the Southern summer? Nostalgia comes from the Greek meaning 'homecoming'. It's ok to indulge in it from time to time.

      Signed 11x14 archival prints are available for $60 each including shipping.






Friendship Dock

Oil/Canvas 11x14

Friendship, ME


Gouldsboro Anchorage

Oil/Canvas 8x10

Gouldsboro, ME



Oil/Canvas 11x14

Rockwood, ME



Passamaquoddy Bay

Oil/Canvas 8x10

Eastport ME



Quoddy Head

Saint C I


Calis Bridge

Quoddy Head Light in Fog

Oil/Canvas 8x10

Quoddy Head, ME


St. Croix Island

Oil/Canvas 8x10

St. Croix NHS, ME


Camden Harbor

Oil/Canvas 11x14

Camden, ME


Bridge to Canada

Oil/Canvas 6x8

Calais, ME



Portland Lt.



Belfast Harbor

Oil/Canvas 11x14

Belfast, ME


Portland Head Light

Oil/Canvas 11x14

South Portland ME



Oil/Canvas 11x14

Near Abol Bridge, ME


s/v Heron 

Oil/Canvas 11x14

Rockport, ME


Storm App 

Cutler Coast 

NOTE: these paintings were done with a palette of natural organics which the Gamblin paint company is in the process of developing. They are an  alternative to the old mineral based standards - much brighter and transparent.

Storm Approaching 

Oil/Canvas Panel 6x8

Near Bath, ME




Watercolor  8x10 

Cutler Coast, ME



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