PARIS - 2018

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Edwin L. Green, Artist

Oil Paintings/Watercolor Paintings



Arc de Triomphe -Fall Color

Acrylic on Panel -  8x10 inches



It has been said many times that Paris, itself, is art. Hemingway called it a feast. An unexpected opportunity arose this October (2018) to make an impromptu visit. I couldn't resist. I took only a pochade box and a limited acrylic palette (though the TSA seems to have stopped harassing artists with their inflexible 311 carry aboard rule). Canvas panels make painting while traveling a breeze and Golden's Open Series acrylics dry overnight (though I missed my Gamblin oils). I made a list of two dozen paintings I wanted to do; only finished a dozen - small, quick studies, but I hoped the series would capture some of what I had in mind. The weather was typical autumn Paris with sun and overcast alternating, rain only at night, temperatures in the 60s.  If you like wine, the Nouveau Beaujolais was just becoming available. I spent a Sunday with old friends from Rouen and re-visited the Picasso Museum with them - the only museum of the trip. My plan had been to go to museums if the weather was bad - no need this trip. France is so advanced in so many ways. It is a shame that we are eliminating languages in our curricula and favoring trade school degrees in institutions of higher learning - it deprives us of  much of the world.


Rue Vieuville



Sacre Coeur - des l'Aube

Painted early morning. The red sky foretold rain, but  it only came at night.

Rue Vieuville - Montmartre

Near Place des Abbesses. Vieuville is a family name.

Pantheon - Aux Grands Hommes

La Patrie Reconnaissante.


View from Le Jardin de Luxembourg.

Les Invalides - Pont Alexandre III

Napoleon's VA. France's alliance with Russia after the Franco-Prussian War (1870)  made Germany uncomfortable and was an underlying cause of WWI.

Pl 2 vosges 

Victor Hugo

Prints in this series are individually signed and numbered by the artist. Editions are limited to 50 prints each.  Standard frame size is 9x12. $85 each including shipping

Place des Vosges

Oldest planned square in Paris. Where Henri II was killed in a jousting tournament, Many famous people kept apartments here.
Place des Vosges

Victor Hugo's apartment. It was said his mistress lived there in a back room. Don't worry, his wife was having an affair with St. Beuve, the literary critic.

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Notre Dame



Les Deux 

Notre Dame 

During the French Revolution many of the friezes were vandalized as payback for church abuses. Much is restored, but traces remain today 

St. Germain l'Auxerrois 

A single bell, La Marie, gave the signal to begin  the St. Bartholomew's Massacre in 1572. Hugueenots all over France were murdered in their beds. Those who had come to Paris to celebrate the marriage of Henri IV were among the first. 

L'Eglise de la Madeleine 

Originally built as a temple to honor Napoleon's Grande Armée. Now a Catholic Church.



Les deux amoureux s'égarent parmi le bois, une heure ou deux. Et si tu veux savoir ce qu'ils se dirent, va le demander aux sources bavardes qui coulent invisible dans la mousse. 
             Alphonse Daudet
(He had an apartment at Places des Vosges)

Place de la Concords 


Place de la Concorde    

  The guillotine was set up here during the Revolution - spectator sport.
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