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Santo Domingo Watercolors - January 2015

A trip to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic to paint, practice Spanish, and study guitar this January was delightful. I spent most of my time in the Colonial Zone. There was so much to see there and more history than was possible to cover in a short stay. Santo Domingo was the first city in America. Columbus is buried there, so they claim. Cortes set out for his conquest of Mexico from Santo Domingo, as did  Balboa to see the Pacific from that famous 'peak' on the Darien isthmus. Francis Drake captured the entire town in 1586 and held it for ransom for over a month before he was paid off - all part of England's plan to hinder the deployment of the Armada by hitting Spain where it hurt most, i.e. her source of wealth. People were friendly and, contrary to what you hear, the city very safe. Most of that propaganda probably comes from the all-inclusive resorts which want you to stay in their compounds and spend your money there. Signed 8.5x10 archival prints are available for $35 each including shipping.





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